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Over the years, Medstom kept beeing a pioneer in dentistry with its subbrands Medstom Group

Medstom supports “Foundation for Children of Hope” by treating kids in need, free of charge.

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Make each patient's dental experience as comfortable and stress- free as possible. Treat every patient as if they are a member of our family. Provide our patient's with the best dental care possible using state of the art techniques and technology. To be the number one dental office in the area.


Dr. Ibrahim Byalev graduates the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University – Sofia. Within the course of education, he goes through lection courses in the field of the direct aesthetic recoveries, the prosthetic dentistry, the therapeutic dentistry, the endodontics, the parodontology, the oral surgery, emergency and pediatric dentistry. He started his dental practice in Medstom dental clinics.
For his self-refinement, he attends various course, lections and seminars:

Second Congress of BgDSA “Science and Art in prosthetics and endodontics´Sofia 16-17 October 2010

First science congress of SDC of BgDA, Sofia, 15-16.10.2011

Second science congress of SDC of BgDA Sofia, 13-14.11.2012

Third science congress of SDC of BgDA, Sofia, 23-24.11.2013

Fifth science congress of SDC of BgDA, Sofia, 21-22.11.2015

Participates in the international congress Sofia Dental Meeting in 2011, 2012, 2013

Course in dental photography– 30.09.2017

Endodontic management of broken instruments 19.03.2017

Functional esthetic rehabilitation -by Claudio Nannini CDT – 20.04.2018

- Work with high energy diode laser
- Minimally invasive endodontics, reciprocation and restorative implications
- A member of the Bulgarian Dental Association


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